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Hola! I'm Kevin Wolf.

Crafting digital experiences, one commit at a time, from San José, Costa Rica.

A Bit About Me

From "Hello World!" to complex projects: My journey in a nutshell.

Delving deep as a Senior Product Engineer, I've navigated the vast oceans of the tech world for nearly two decades. My journey began self-taught at the early age of 12, and the adventure of learning continues every day.

Passionate about Developer Experience, I believe coding isn't just about strings of logic but ensuring it's a joy for developers and resonates with users. Throughout my career, I've crafted websites, mobile apps, and tools specifically designed to elevate productivity and streamline the development workflow.

Being a staunch advocate for Open Source, my curiosity often leads me to emerging technologies, especially Artificial Intelligence. The technological horizon is exhilarating, and I'm ecstatic to be at its forefront. Alongside, I've teamed up with incredible talents, mentoring the upcoming wave of developers. And the driving force behind every endeavor? Empathy. Each project, every line of code, revolves around the people it benefits.

Beyond the screen, my world orbits around cherished moments with my daughters, embracing the thrill in the boxing ring, exploring the cosmos through my telescope, and getting lost in the rhythm as an electronic music DJ. Whether I'm at the gym, embarking on fresh adventures, sketching out my next tattoo, or indulging in unforgettable game nights with pals, there's always a new chapter awaiting.

Life's a whirlwind, both inside and outside the IDE. Together, we can craft magnificence!

Adventures in Tech

The landmarks of my coding career, one role at a time.

Jun 2022 - Present

Senior Product Engineer @ Maven Analytics

At Maven Analytics, an industry-leading e-learning platform, I collaborated with the product team on platform maintenance and enhancements. Together, we introduced features empowering instructors to publish courses and interact with students more effectively. We also developed social tools, enabling students to curate public profiles, showcase their projects, and highlight participation in data challenges.

Oct 2021 - Jun 2022

Staff Front End Developer @ Modern Health

At Modern Health, a pioneer in prioritizing mental health, I served as a Staff Front End Developer. Collaborating closely with the Product team, I played an instrumental role in shaping and maintaining a platform that not only enhances individuals' mental well-being but also equips healthcare professionals with the tools to manage appointments effectively. As a team lead, my responsibilities spanned conducting code reviews, project estimations, and mentoring fellow developers, ensuring we delivered on our vision of mental health empowerment.

Jan 2021 - Oct 2021

Senior Front End Developer @ Voiceflow

At Voiceflow, the driving force behind revolutionizing the development of chat and voice assistants, I took on the challenge of constructing a platform tailored for crafting conversational bots. Teaming up with the Product unit, we not only birthed innovative features but also ensured a seamless platform experience. Beyond feature development, my role encompassed rigorous code reviews and knowledge-sharing, frequently contributing to our front-end guild to foster continuous learning and tech advancement.

Mar 2019 - Jan 2021

Full Stack Developer @ This Dot, Inc

At ThisDotLabs, a forefront web application consultancy, I collaborated on high-stake projects, notably with esteemed clients like Twilio and Vix. Working within a distributed team, we constantly explored the pinnacle of web technologies to meet business demands. While I championed web standards and cutting-edge methodologies, I also played a pivotal role in delivering solutions that had profound business implications.

Sep 2018 - Mar 2019

Technology Lead @ GoPato

GoPato, a pioneering on-demand food and package delivery venture in Costa Rica, trusted me as their Technology Lead during a pivotal relaunch phase. Collaborating closely with the CTO, I spearheaded development tasks, established and enforced coding standards, and streamlined our Continuous Integration and Deployment processes. My role bridged technical oversight with strategic collaboration, ensuring both our internal teams were aligned towards a common vision for product excellence.

Jan 2018 - Sep 2018

Technology Lead @ Hangar Worldwide

At Hangar Worldwide, a global nexus of tech and design expertise, I played an instrumental role in sculpting transformative digital experiences for illustrious brands, including Critical Mass, Nissan, and The Wing. In collaboration with both front-end and back-end teams, I ensured cohesive development flows, emphasized quality through rigorous code reviews, and navigated Continuous Integration and Delivery pathways. My tenure here was also marked by synergized efforts with Project Managers, envisioning and executing product roadmaps, and delivering captivating product demos to our esteemed clientele.

Nov 2016 - Jan 2018

Lead Front End Developer @ Wink

At Wink, Costa Rica's pioneering mobile financial app, I took the helm of the front-end development team, steering the product from its nascent planning stages to a triumphant launch. My role entailed overseeing every facet of the front-end operations, while closely collaborating with the CTO, ensuring our collective vision seamlessly translated into a platform that redefined banking convenience for Costa Ricans, enabling them to effortlessly open accounts and transfer funds.

Jun 2012 - Nov 2016

Senior Front End & Mobile Developer @ Accenture

In Accenture, I embarked on my professional journey as a developer. Starting as a junior, I swiftly climbed the ranks to attain a senior position. Throughout my tenure, I had the privilege of collaborating with diverse clients, immersing myself in an array of technologies. Additionally, I played an instrumental role in the company's internal university, where I not only imparted front-end development knowledge to fellow developers but also trained aspiring entrants to the field.

Bits & Tools

From hardware to code: The complete toolkit that powers my work.

From Ideas to Reality

A spectrum of projects: Some solo, some shared, all special.

Featured Work Projects

Screenshot of the Maven Analytics website

Maven Analytics

A comprehensive e-learning environment offering courses tailored for data career enhancement. It enables users to earn credentials, immerse in data challenges, and gain recognition. The platform's public segment allows for showcasing projects and credentials, amplifying user engagement within the data community.

Screenshot of the Modern Health website

Modern Health

An inclusive mental health solution aiming to deliver the best outcomes for individuals and communities. The platform simplifies access to care, fostering global equity with a standardized experience for users regardless of their location. It also empowers workplaces with tools to foster a positive mental health culture and provides professionals with streamlined scheduling and patient evaluation features.

Screenshot of the Voiceflow website


A real-time collaborative platform designed to streamline the design, prototyping, and building of conversational AI. The platform enables teams to efficiently create chat and voice assistants, fostering quicker adaptability to emerging conversational trends and demands. It offers a unified workspace where users can collaboratively and simultaneously build chat and voice applications at scale.

Screenshot of the Twilio Signal 2020 website

Twilio Signal 2020

A dynamic digital hub crafted for Twilio Signal 2020, capturing the essence of the premier communications event. The website showcases keynotes, breakout sessions, and interactive workshops, offering attendees and visitors a seamless navigation experience. Embodying the spirit of innovation inherent to Twilio, the platform ensures users remain engaged and informed about the event's highlights, agendas, and pivotal moments.

Screenshot of The Wing website

The Wing

A sophisticated digital space reflecting The Wing's dedication to the advancement of women through community. Serving as both a portal and a showcase, the website offers an immersive experience into The Wing’s ethos, events, and offerings. From detailed information on co-working spaces to community stories and membership details, the platform elegantly encapsulates the brand's mission to foster empowerment and collaboration among its members.

Screenshot of the Wink mobile application


A groundbreaking mobile application, Wink revolutionizes Costa Rica's financial landscape by enabling users to effortlessly open a bank account directly from their smartphones. Beyond traditional banking, the app fosters a seamless digital experience, allowing users to send and receive money with friends and family, all under a user-friendly interface that prioritizes convenience and financial empowerment.

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